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Related post: Date: Sat, 07 Dec 2002 09:23:35 -0600 From: Kris Subject: Real World Chapter onePounding the basketball onto the concrete of his father Daniel's driveway, Josh allowed his best friend Brent to steal the ball denmark preteen nudes from him.Before Brent had a chance to hoist preteen deluxe models the ball up into preteen blowjobs bbs the air, Josh topless underground preteen stole it back. He did a razzle-dazzle dance around his scrambling friend.Pushing the ball preteen art sites to go flying against nonude little preteen the garage door, Josh body-slammed Brent sending himself and his preteen models photos friend careening into the grass."Touchdown down!" Josh yelled, playfully thumping preteens sex porno his friend on the chest."We were playing basketball you chump," Brent laughed, wrestling around in the grass with Josh.Propping himself on his elbow, Brent saw Josh's dad, Damion, staring at them from the picture window. A sad smile was on showering preteen pics Damion's face. Lately it seemed every time Brent saw Damion the sparkle Damion had was extinguished. Brent sometimes wondered if Damion was dying of some sort preteen 6yo model of cancer eating away little preteen sexgirls at him. animated preteen boys Josh preteen gilrs models had confided to him his dad naked male preteens was struggling with deep issues systematic from his dad being preteens bikini gallery in a state of deep emotional depression.I can't imagine why Damion left Daniel for Les, Brent thought to himself, Ever since Damion moved out of his and Daniel's house he seems more like a patient ghost haunting places. I can tell he nude preteen secret underage preteen clips misses good nud preteen Daniel. I preteen in hose guess Daniel won't take him back. At least he and Damion are still friends for Josh's sake. Maybe that makes things preteen boy stories worse for Damion.Brent waved his hand at Damion. Damion went from the window."Didn't I tell you we're playing Josh-ball instead?' Josh teased, "It's akin to the game of hard ball. An interesting preteen bare photos hybrid of the game of basketball pics preteen alina mated with football. Josh-Ball combines everything which makes the two games great. nudist pics preteen By the way, I won."Josh pinned his best friend down. He sang " I am the champion of the world.""When in the hell did you come up with Josh-ball?" Brent laughed, his gray eyes sparkling at Josh."Just now," Josh teased, "I made the rules up as I was playing. And you broke a few. You're lucky I didn't call for a penalty.""I thought Pete made up all the rules in your game playing," Brent mature preteens teased him, referring to Josh's steady boyfriend.Rolling over Brent, Josh sat next to his preteen legs model friend. Josh retorted, bbs preteen upskirts "We make up the rules together when we game play. And we always play nice.""Who usually wins in your battle of the wills?" Brent asked, rolling closer, laying his head on Josh's lap."Would you believe me if I told you our battles of the wills always end up in a draw?""Nope." Brent laughed, "That beautiful japanese preteens boy has you on a retro preteen models string. And he likes to jerk it around."Josh fell to being quiet for a while, letting himself soak in the early evening air of early fall New Orleans' night.Josh had on the proper uniform of Gap clothing; A pair of amsterdam topless preteens loose jeans, tight Tee-shirt, and a loose, open-buttoned shirt. Gold hoops lined his left ear. His hair was sunshine blond, standing up in little spikes off of his handsome face. He had blue eyes which top nn preteen could shatter a heart. His light eye lashes made his eyes seem huge. He had a kind preteen models topples of earnest. hopeful look to his face even when he was smirking. He always hoped whoever he was with liked him or at least illegal preteens underage thought he breasts of preteens was a nice enough guy. He had a mouth on him which could speak honey or topless 13 preteenz trash depending on his mood. Looking sexy in a freshly showered, masculine way was important to him. Calvin Kline was not going to be banging on Josh's door anytime soon, begging Josh to be part of his amatuer preteens stable of pretty, androgynous, male models starring in preteen fuck incest one of his unisex perfume and jeans print advertisements and televisions commercials. After Josh met Pete being a total boy type way male preteen models of looking decent was vital, but it wasn't as important to him as being decent on the inside. Not that he was always good at being good. After all, Josh was only a growing boy of nineteen.Josh loved the homey feel of his neighborhood. Kids riding their bikes, manicured lawns with well tended flowers. The way every Christmas the houses would preteen model ped have preteens adult art lights draped preteen butt naked on the eaves of their roofs. The tropical feel of his neighborhood wasn't at all exotic to him like it was to the tourists from the East or Midwest. It was home where neighbors waved as they drove preteen colombian girls by even if they didn't know who they were waving to. The slick lights coming from the honky-tonks preteen naturists jpegs of Bourbon Street, the boutiques of New Orleans nymphs nude preteens occupied by shopping sexxy deth chicks, boys, and out-of-towners filled with everything from adult sex toys skull ashtrays, and preteen russian modwels gothic designer clothing seemed like another world.Times preteens love cum like this Josh honestly could believe in the gallery naturalist preteen eternal aspect of the community he lived in. Like his neighborhood was a setting in a movie. A movie which could be replayed over and over again. Nothing would change. And the feelings he korean preteen portal felt while viewing his neighbors' yards preteen nudists art those feelings would stay the same. Feelings of comfort and satisfaction. forum young preteens A subtle happiness to be a part of such a at least outwardly secure world.His wandering hand broke the spell of his beliefs in security. He carefully touched the shaved patch of hair on Brent's scalp. childporn preteen He fingered a puckered up scar.Ow, don't touch my stitches," Brent cried, slapping Josh's hand, "My brains might fall out.""When did you ever have brains? Does it hurt baby boy?' Josh teased, hiding his worry. He rolled on top of Brent, squeezing Brent's body."Ow, stop beating me up. You're crushing my balls. You jerk," Brent teased.Every night I go out and kill a mortal, Josh thought to himself, And here I am thanking God your preteen pussy closeup alive. How's that for being a puss of a vampire? Now wonder many night walkers think day walkers are a disgrace to the vampire species.Josh hunger preteen cunt models for blood lay dormant in his supple, athletic body. He had already feasted on an illegal immigrant. It extreme preteen girls really didn't matter to him what the man's story was, or the hardships the nonnude preteen models man had to go through to get to New Orleans. All Josh knew was the man drew an unlucky hand in their chance meeting. Brent, his grey area preteens mortal friend who had no idea preteen homemade video of his nature, was safe from him."I can't believe you were picked to go to Chicago to be on shocking asian preteen "Real World," My best friend on Television," Brent all nude preteens said a little jealousy creeping into his voice, "Why did they pick a loser like you and not a nude preteen goth nice guy like me?""I suspect it was a matter of screwed up judgment on their part," Josh said teasing Brent's nose with a blade of preteen nudism grass, making Brent sneeze."Seriously, I have no idea why they picked me. The only reason I filled out a form was because you did. All the answers I gave were wacked out, For religion I wrote I was a Catholic devil preteen model chinese worshipper. I wrote my favorite drink was a virgin's blood under age preteens mixed with Jack Daniel's stirred not shaken--on the rocks.""And here I was doing my naked preteen kid best to impress tiny teens preteens the panel with my intellect answers," Brent griped "I was doing my best to be Mr. Sincere.""They must of thought you were giving false answers, Who ever heard of an intelligent preteen models newstar blond much less a wet preteen panties sincere one."Josh playfully touched Brent's head only to have his hand smacked."I love you. preteens pink model You big, dumb stud, Josh thought affectionately of his friend. You're cute but not that cute. Not like how Pete's cute.Even if their wasn't a Pete in his life, Josh knew he still wouldn't have fallen for Brent his preteen panty pcis friend he went to a private Catholic high school with, and who he played sports with. Through very few people could resist falling in love with Brent. Brent's honey blond hair was spiked up except for the shaved part. Brent had the preteen mexicans models exquisite, good manners of a well taken cared of upper-class Southern boy whose family doted upon him. He had disturbingly full lips. The shirt he had on was an often laundered, collectable, vintage Alice preteen lesbian nudists Cooper Tee-shirt preteen nimphets A Tee-shirt which happened to belonged to Josh. A pair of jeans, a camel toe preteen feisty dog collar, along with a black leather jacket which was also borrowed like the Tee-shirt was borrowed from Josh completed Brent's favorite way to usa nn preteen look tasty."Josh, I'm going to miss you. I'll pine for you every preteen art form night," Brent said in his sour mash, smooth southern voice, "Unless.""Unless what?" Josh said."Let me keep your leather jacket preteen amature nudes while you're gone.""Forget it. It gets cold in Chicago.""Your jacket looks a thousand times better on me than it does on you. Think of it as doing your jacket a favor.""Some nn preteens tgp favor I would be doing my jacket. preteen models portal There's a cigarette hole burned in the back of it. Brent, I told you to take care of it."This bitchy guy burned a preteen latino porn hole in it thong preteen girl when I told him I didn't top preteen websites want to dance with him. I nudepreteen top list think he keyed my mom's car too.""Brent preteen 100 model you have to be more careful about preteen porn cartoon the kind of parties you go to.""How else does one meet suitors out here in New Orleans? It's a party town. Everyone is either at a party, going to a party, or leaving a lsmagazine underage preteen party," Brent sighed, "I won't do ugly, crass, or married guys.""Unless your drink off your ass. Then anyone is fuckable.""Liquor does take preteen boy sluts the sharp edges off of a suitor's looks and personality," Brent laughed, "I'm sober, staying sober Josh. panties preteens pcis I can't believe preteen sister model that married jerk preteen flasher off of a fag left me alone in my car after I hit a tree. I still dream about my head crashing against the windshield."At least he called 911 before preteen feet foto he abandoned you.""I didn't even know is real name. But I knew him well enough to talk him into into preteen puss leaving with me so I could slurp on a dick. My God, spanish preteen models I still don't believe it. I barely remember what he looked like. Josh I could have killed him I could have killed myself, or some innocent person walking on the sidewalk. I could have rammed my car into another person's car ols preteen models with kids in it. I'm turning my life around. No more garbage.""You're still going to AA meetings?""Yes, not missing one. Thanks Josh for going to the preteen horny stories naturists pics preteens first four meetings with me at Saint John's Episodical church. I'm glad its open to dream nude preteen gays and ******** only. It helped me tremendously being about to talk openly about going to bars and taking that first russian preteen pornography drink to make beauty pageant preteen myself feel more available and to get over my shyness over talking to people. I don't know how tiny girls preteen to stop with the first drink. I mean I knew ls girl preteen when I opened my mouth at the meeting no one preteens ilegal was going to be judgmental, or call me a frigging loser faggot in their minds while I was talking about my drinking..."TBC
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